Hejaz Machine-Building Company was established in 1978 with the aim of manufacturing various types of hydraulic machines and molds, in an area of 5,000 square meters by Mr. Mahmoud Hejazi Nasr in its current location. The serious attention of the company to the issue of quality caused in the first years of establishment to be considered by motorcycle manufacturers and by concluding several contracts has become one of the most important suppliers in this industry and according to the experiences gained in the production of motorcycle parts and The capability of the complex, after a short period of cooperation with car manufacturing companies, was put on the agenda of the new management (Majid Hejazi Nasr).

At present, Hajar Machinery Company, in addition to carrying out the listed activities, has started a wide and extensive cooperation with municipalities across the country, including Tehran, Mashhad ... and neighboring countries, and by providing various types of metal tanks for garbage and sub-reservoirs. It has become a massive source of reservoirs for municipal mechanization projects. Hejaz Machine-Building Company, with the support of 30 years of experience and activity in the field of production of various hydraulic machines and molds, as well as supplying parts required by car and motorcycle companies and presence in the field of municipal services, intends to expand its activities in this field in the near future. Provide complete data and portfolio of municipal services products and equipment, including 660 liter galvanized tank, 770 liter galvanized tank, 1100 liter cubic galvanized tank, 1100 liter convex galvanized tank to municipalities across the country.

Convex mechanized 1100 liter galvanized tank without lid
1100 cubic liter tank without lid
770 liter mechanized galvanized tank with lid
770 liter mechanized galvanized tank
660 liter mechanized galvanized tank
1100 cubic liter tank with lid with easy portability and mechanized unloading
Single-purpose substrate (770 liters)
Dual-purpose sub-tank sheet (770 and 1100 liters)
Convex mechanized 1100 liter galvanized tank
Dry waste tanks
Mechanized wheeled 2500 liter galvanized tank
660 liter and 1100 liter tank


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