۱۱۰۰ liter convex galvanized waste container
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1100 liter convex galvanized waste container

Urban trash bin

dimensions of 1100 liter convex galvanized waste container

اطلاعات فنی سطل زباله 1100 محدب

Code : HGH 1100D

With galvanized doors

Code : HGH 1100

Without doors

General specifications of galvanized container, metal trash bin, the products of Hejaz company is as followings

Utilization of Metal Forming (complete pressing) in the production of parts for strengthening and weight reduction

Using appropriate wheels with brake to ease movement

Providing appropriate valves to control and exit leachate and ease washing the galvanized container

Hejaz galvanized container has protective guard against the inevitable impacts

Full sealing (CO welding)

Having appropriate and resistant earrings which are replaceable

galvanized container dimensions are based on standards and can be used in available mechanized vehicles

Production ID, serial number and production year

Aerodynamic design without sharp and cutting points

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